Deli & More
Come Tube the Dan River!!!!
$ 9 Shuttle and Tube
$ 5 Tube ONLY*
($20 Deposit Required for each Tube)
$ 4 Shuttle Only
$ 4 Boat Shuttle

(*License Deposit Required)
Travel Options
Flinchum Rd
~Appx. 7 hour Float time
7 Island
~Appx. 3.5 hours float time
***Call Ahead to see which
shuttle is Running!!
***Things to Remember Before Tubing***
Tube at your own risk
Not Responsible for lost or Stolen Items
Tubes must be returned no later than 9:00pm
There is little no cell phone receptions so it is
strongly advised not to take your cell phone!
Be sure to secure all valuables
No Refunds
Call Ahead for Availability!
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All Rights Reserved